Ghostology - The scientific study, and investigation of ghostly phenomena.


Do Ghosts Really Exist?

'Ghosts' exist - fact! But what are they? The term 'ghost', covers a broad spectrum of definition. And in it's broader form, the term means 'the remanence or residual (some remaining part) of something that was once whole'.

Most often, people perceive a ghost to be the spirit or something else which remains of someone once living, or in some instances objects, places, sounds and / or odors which momentarily exist, that could possibly originate from another time.

As a Paranormal Investigator, and Ghostologist, I'm often asked if I believe in ghosts, and if so, what are they? And after 35 or so years of speaking to many people on the subject - it's interesting to note, that the majority of 'believers' claim to have experienced or witnessed ghostly phenomena. As a matter of fact, I have met numerous people who have eventually entrusted me to details of their own experiences, on the solemn provisory that I do not reveal their identity to anyone else - probably for fear of ridicule. Although it's worth noting that it is a typical human trait, to 'laugh off' or make humor of something which we would normally find awkward to conceive - by a way of socially more readily dealing with a matter.

There are many instances whereby  witnesses to a ghost or collection of ghosts have mysteriously later given matching details, to that of other witnesses. If such details had been previously known, then a parapsychologist might describe the experience as being created or shaped by the subconscious. However, again there are many reports of individuals reporting the same details without prior knowledge of others experiences! This would seem to substantiate, that in some incidences, the experience is very real, and not created in the mind - although the jury is still out on weather the brain is acting as some sort of receiver or detector to some external influence.

There are of course incidences which do not simply rely on personal testimony, but have left some trace, or even been recorded on equipment - most interestingly audio and visual recorders. The problem here is of course some what obvious - the opportunity for equipment fault (or malicious tampering), or perceptual trickery - deliberate or otherwise.

An ideal scenario for the proof of ghosts actually being the residual of persons once living, would consist of multiple independent witnesses, reporting identical experiences, with additional multi audio/video recordings. Better still if other phenomena could also be detected and directly related to an incident, for example, such as a radical change in the special electrical potential/charge at the point of incidence.

To achieve such results would be somewhat challenging. However, it may prove easier to achieve such results if we could more accurately predict when such an even might take place. There may even prove the possibility to influence or encourage such an 'event' - being the appearance of a ghost or ghosts - to take place. 

Ghosts - Passive or Interactive?

If ghosts, as previously defined do exist, then are they conscious entities, able to interact with us and our surroundings, or simply a replay of their former existence ('stone tape' theory, like an old movie were the since deceased characters have no consciousness or interaction with us, here and now. Or is it possible that a combination of both could exist.

With our advancing understanding of the sciences, and specifically quantum theory, and advancements in technology - it's not only possible, but even likely that both ghost scenarios could exist under certain circumstance or conditions - but we may also soon, if not already,  have the technology to readily record or interact with such phenomena.

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